Slavic Mythology is unique from other ancient religons like the Greeks or the Romans. For starters the Slavs believed that their gods were their equal and not lords that ruled above them. Spirits and superstition were common and some of their traditions are still carried out in Slavic countries today. Very little  books and information has survived since the time of the Ancient Slavs, most of their records were destroyed when Christianity began to spread.  Even less material on the subject has been translated into English and much what is available is inaccurate.  Because of this we wanted to create a basic guide that can be used to your advantage while playing the game. We will continually add to this page as we continue to develop quests
Svarog- The Cosmic Smith: God of celestial fire and of blacksmithing, his hammer is said to have created the world. He is the son of Perun and the father of Dazbog

Perun (pronounced Peroon)- God of thunder and lightning, patron of warriors. He is often presented as the highest god of the Slavic pantheon. He wielded an axe, many ancient amulets have been found in the shape of Perun's axe.

Chernobog - The Black God and god of death. He appears as a beggar or as a person in need of help. If you help him he does nothing to you, but it you ignore him, he curses you. To create an image of him was considered to bring bad fortune. He has no symbol.

Veles - The god of the water and the forests.
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